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For vehicle towing systems commonly referred to as YOUYOU, there is one industry manufacturer that has become a reference: BlueOX. BlueOx quickly became a leader for this type of product by manufacturing reliable parts of very high quality that require very little maintenance. The Tow Bar and Base Plate systems are the industry’s most well-engineered and reliable. For instance, the pin attachments located on the towed vehicle will detach when your vehicle doesn’t need to be towed. This way, the front part of your vehicle will not be concealed. The Tow Bar folds in on itself, is installed horizontally at the back of the RV and will not impede access to the back.

Speaking of towing vehicles, they should also be equipped with a braking system. In the United States, some states require the necessity of having an auxiliary braking system on the towed vehicle, regardless of its weight. In Canada, this type of system is mandatory if your vehicle weighs more than 3000 kg.