Pacbrake air bags

Motorized RV



Level your vehicle front to back, and from side to side

Heavy or off-centered loads can compromise the way you ride your motorized RV and its comfort and safety.

You now have access to a simple solution:

Pacbrake air bags

When installing Pacbrake air bags on your vehicle, you will be able to offset any kind of loading conditions, low or full capacity.

Pacbrake air bags will:

  • Keep the back of the vehicle to its original height, improve its driving, level headlight alignment and increase tires’ tread life.
  • Level off-centered loads (individual inflating valves allow the adjustment from side to side and front to back).
  • Eliminate the compression of leaf and coil springs due to constant load pressure.
  • Improve vehicle handling by allowing air bags to adapt to the road by adjusting air pressure.
  • Reduce the clicks and pops noises of the suspension (air bags ease contact between axle and chassis).
  • Increase vehicle stability by shock-absorption and provide good riding comfort for passengers and goods.

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