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Sway bars, or more accurately anti-roll bars, are designed to resist a vehicle’s tendency to pitch from side to side during cornering, improving cornering ability and making for a more comfortable controlled ride. Sway bars are among the most cost effective and dramatic improvements that you can make to your vehicle regardless of whether it’s a truck, muscle car, tow rig, or RV. Sway bars are also typically easy to install, making them a great first upgrade for anyone who wants a little more control out of their ride.


The Motion Control™

The SuperSteer Motion Control™ unit SSE8095 is a simple, effective and very inexpensive solution to the excessive sway, body roll, bounce and rocking common in air bag-equipped vehicles.

The MCU installs in the air bag supply line(s) and contains a baffle that prevents rapid movement of air into and out of the air bags. The result is significantly improved compression, reduced sway, increased stability and stronger rebound characteristics; which means a smoother ride.

The MCU can be installed on the front and rear air bags, and different baffling ranges are available to achieve the desired ride quality and air suspension sway control.

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