Stabilization and levelling

Motorized RV

Hydraulic stabilization and levelling


Hydraulic stabilization and levelling

What makes J.B. a leader in the installation and repair of hydraulic and electric levelling bases is the expertise the company has developed throughout the past years together with some of the biggest companies in the industry like HWH™, LCI™ PowerGear™, Equalizer™ and Atwood™. Whether you own a levelling base or need to have one installed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With HWH™, all sites are levelled

The installation of levelling bases usually takes less than 8 hours. This fully-automatic system performs levelling on its own with a single button push. Whether you own a Class A, B or C motorized RV, a fifth wheel, a trailer or even a service vehicle, HWH has the solution for you.

Maintenance and repair

With an expertise of over 31 years and technicians trained by the biggest companies in the industry, J.B. can take care of the maintenance and repair of your levelling systems and slide-out extensions easily. We honour warranties by all major brands like HWH, LCI, Power Gear, Atwood and RVA. We are the largest distributor of parts for levelling systems in Eastern Quebec.


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