Fifth wheel



Did you know?

  • A suspension that’s ¼ of an inch out of alignment during a 5000 km course is equivalent to dragging a trailer or fifth wheel on a 200 km distance.
  • Tires that burst usually leads to costly repairs.
  • Alignment checks cost less than new tires or road service calls.
  • Misalignment creates vibrations into the whole unit. Vibration is the enemy of all structures and will cause premature failing of electronic devices (TVs and electronic controllers), water and gas pipes as well as bolts and attachments of your RV.

The right alignment solution is CorrectTrack!

With CorrectTrack, caravaners and industrial trailer owners now have the possibility to keep their suspension aligned with this patented system.

The avantages of the CorrectTrack system:

  • Peace of mind and safety
  • Reduces damages due to vibrations, and passenger tiredness
  • Improves fuel consumption.
  • Improves fuel consumption.
  • Greatly improves tires’ life span:
    • Tires remain cooler (less friction)
    • Corrects abnormal tire wear