Caravan / Trailer

Satellite and Internet


Portable and roof mounted satellite antennas provide users with flexibility and choice. Users can set up their TV at the campsite, or mount the antenna on their RV roof. While satellite antennas have become more economical in recent years, Winegard’s antennas are recognized for their build quality and value. For example, Winegard’s metal reflectors are resistant to temperature changes, generate a stronger signal and are designed for high efficiencies. Antennas that have high efficiency maximize signal strength and minimize interference. Winegard is proud of its vigorous testing process for reliability and ruggedness in environments where vibration and harsh weather conditions are a factor.


Winegard also takes pride in a specially designed roof kit for portable units that allow the units to be easily installed on an RV roof. The kit is designed to maximize antenna performance, and the system meets stringent criteria to withstand the shock and vibration that occurs when mounted on an RV roof.

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