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Sway control

With Safe-T-Plus, no more swaying!


Sway control

Everyone knows that manufacturers are trying to exploit the resistance of chassis on which they build their recreational vehicles. This habit often has the effect to reduce the stability of the vehicle. The person driving must therefore constantly control their RV’s tendency to sway in order to stay on track. This situation produces stress and tiredness in the driver which can take a toll on the safety of the vehicle passengers.

Thankfully, this problem can easily be resolved by adding a steering control device on the front end. This system acts like a shock absorber that reduces the wheel’s vertical displacement. The steering control device does much the same, except horizontally. By creating resistance to movement, it helps to keep wheels in the axis, thus reducing the need to steer the wheel left to right to stay on track.

Up to now, this steering control device was especially appreciated by caravaners owning either Class B or Class A entry-level RVs. Now, Vulcanisations JB has developed a fixing system that can be installed under Class B vehicles.

Marketed under the name Safe-T-Plus, this device does not require any kind of maintenance and can be installed on Class B RVs built on Ford, Dodge, GM or Chevrolet frames.